1. Agendas & Minutes

    Search through recorded meeting agendas and minutes.

  2. Boards, Commissions & Committees

    View and apply for boards and commissions.

  3. City Clerk

    Find business registration forms and documents from the City Clerk.

  4. City Council

    Check out the council and representatives from Farmington districts.

  5. City of Farmington Mayor

    Learn about the Mayor of Farmington.

  6. City Manager

    Meet the City Manager while learning about his duties.

  7. Departments

    Check out the city departments and their functions.

  8. Elections

    Stay up-to-date on local municipal elections.

  9. Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization

  10. Inspection of Public Records

    Request copies of public records and documents.

  11. Legal Notices

    Keep up-to-date on all legal notices and postings.

  12. Municipal Code

    Research city code for laws and ordinances.

  13. Organizational Chart

    View the make-up of the city's organizational structure.

  14. Ordinances

    View recently passed City Ordinances and their documentation.

  15. Projects and Construction

    Learn about the projects and construction going on in the City of Farmington!

  16. Resolutions

    View recently passed resolutions and their documentation.

  17. Staff Directory

  18. Transparency

    Find City Budget Documents, information on meetings, elected officials, administrative officials, audits, contracts, and more.