Legal Notices

Tuesday, 5/24/16
Notice of Proposed Ordinance amending Chapter 6 of the Farmington City Code dealing with meetings of the Animal Services Advisory Commission 
Tuesday, 5/24/16 6:00pm(PDF)  Notice of Proposed Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 2015-1274 and the loan agreement and note authorized thereby, all relating to the wastewater construction loan from the New Mexico Environment Department to the City of Farmington for the purpose of financing the cost of bettering and improving the City's sanitary sewer system by extending, enlarging, bettering, repairing and otherwise improving the City's existing wastewater treatment facility; and otherwise relating to such loan, loan agreement, note, project and this ordinance 
Thursday 5/26/16 3:00pm (PDF) P&Z Notice of Public Hearing
Thursday, 5/26/16 3:00pm (PDF) P&Z Notice of Public Hearing of PPJ-City of Farmington & Town of Kirtland
Thursday, 6/9/16 6:00pm (PDF) ARB Notice of Public Hearing 
Tuesday, 6/14/16 6:00pm (PDF) Notice of meeting and intent to adopt ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a Loan and Subsidy Agreement ("Loan Agreement") by and between the City of Farmington, New Mexico (the "Governmental Unit") and the New Mexico Finance Authority, evidencing a special limited obligation of the Governmental Unit to pay a principal amount of no more than $2,448,240, together with interest, expenses, if any, and administrative fees thereon, and to accept a loan subsidy of no more than $816,080, for the purpose of financing the costs of a water system improvement project; providing for the payment of the principal, of administrative fees and interest due under the Loan Agreement solely from the net revenues of the Governmental Unit's water system; setting an interest rate for the loan; approving the form and other details concerning the Loan Agreement; ratifying actions heretofore taken; repealing all action inconsistent with this ordinance; and authorizing the taking of other actions in connection with the execution and delivery of the Loan Agreement
Thursday, 6/16/16 3:00pm (PDF)  P&Z Notice of Public Hearing
Notice of Proposed Ordinance
Notice of Proposed Ordinance