1. Airport

    Explore Four Corners Regional Airport.

  2. Animal Shelter

  3. City Surplus Auction

    An on-line auction site where you can purchase city surplus.

  4. Community Development

    Stay up-to-date on the development and planning for the city.

  5. Farmington Electric Utility System

    Research the rates and charges for electricity for residents and businesses.

  6. Fire Department

    View the fire department and the services they provide.

  7. Indian Center

    Open to the public, authentic Navajo cuisine, public information, and cultural events.

  8. Library

    Learn about the public library's resources.

  9. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs

    Get the latest on the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs department.

  10. Police Department

    Learn about the department working to keep the community safe.

  11. Public Works

    Check out the various departments maintaining public facilities and utilities.

  12. Red Apple Transit

    Find the rates and availability schedule for public transit.

  13. Safe Routes to School

  14. Staff Directory