Farmington Electric Utility System

The Farmington Electric Utility System (FEUS) is owned and operated by the City of Farmington, in northwest New Mexico. Our service territory covers 1,718 square miles and encompasses much of San Juan County and a small portion of Rio Arriba County serving approximately 45,000 metered customers.
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Scam Alert!

Beware of Fraudulent Calls Claiming to be From the City of Farmington

Customers have reported to the Farmington Electric Utility System that they have received phone calls from people posing as City of Farmington employees attempting to collect money. The City of Farmington Electric Utility System does not call our customers demanding money. If you receive a call like this, do not pay these people. Hang up and call the Farmington Electric Utility System at 505-599-1353 to verify the status of your account.

Safety Protocol when dealing with FEUS

Farmington Electric Utility System (FEUS) has meter readers, installers, linemen, and relay techs who are always working in the field to maintain our infrastructure in order to provide you with the most reliable, affordable electricity in the region. There are many times that we need to access equipment that may be in your backyard or behind a fence. Here are some tips for interacting with FEUS personnel:
ALWAYS ask for an employee badge from any field personnel. Even if our employee is in a FEUS uniform and vehicle – ASK FOR ID!
Call 505-327-7701 and inform the operator that you need to verify identity of a field representative for FEUS if there is any question. You may also call 505-599-1353 option “0” for Customer Service. 
NEVER allow an FEUS employee access to the inside of your home. We will never ask to go inside your home for any reason. 
NEVER pay someone over the phone via a pre-paid credit card. We will NEVER call and demand payment with a threat of immediate disconnection if payment is not made. Please hang up and call 505-599-1353 to verify the status of your account. 
Safety of our personnel as well as our customers is one of our main goals! Scammers pretending to be utility employees in order to gain access to your home or bank accounts under false pretenses are on the rise nationwide. Protect yourself by ensuring that you are truly dealing with an FEUS employee. 
CALL 505-599-1353 for any questions or verifications!

2017 Science Fair

2017 Farmington Municipal Schools Science Fair

Mr. John Armenta, FEUS Engineering Manager, had the honor of presenting awards to three deserving 2017 Science Fair participants.  
Congratulations Winners! We hope you will consider a future career in the electric utility industry.
Anna Berry
3rd Place - Senior Division
Chemistry Category

 Kyla King
1st Place - Junior Division
Energy and Transportation Category
Project: Waste to Watts
 Haleigh Doyle
1st Place - Grade 2
Project: Boiling Prices

FEUS Table of Fees and Penalties

Effective March 1, 2016

On February 23, 2016 the Farmington City Council approved an adjustment to the FEUS Table of Fees and Penalties associated with electric service.  The new fees and penalties will be effective beginning March 1, 2016.
Fees and Penalties - Approved 2-23-16 web sized

FEUS Equipment Inventory

Please be aware that FEUS will have crews out taking GPS points and pictures of all FEUS owned equipment and any meters that are attached to our system. 


Congratulations to the Electric Utility crews for receiving the Morning Shift Salute!!
KOB has teamed up with Blake's Lotaburger to recognize those hard workers with a "Morning Shift Salute" of forty breakfast burritos and forty cups of coffee to folks who really could use it. This week's winner is the morning crew at Farmington Electric Utility System.
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