Clean & Beautiful

Founded in 1978, Farmington Clean and Beautiful has helped make a visual difference in the Farmington community. We are a community, non-profit action, and education organization dedicated to improving beautification and waste handling practices. We succeed using the generosity of local businesses and the time and effort of our local volunteers.

We are no longer accepting electronics at Farmington Dumpster Weekend, but Farmington residents can still dispose of them through Waste Management.
Learn about how here!

Toss No Mass #TrashTag Challenge

toss no mas

Are you a change maker? Do you want to protect the environment, improve your community, and have some fun while doing it?! Then join the first ever Toss No Mas #TrashTag monthly challenge! The #TrashTag challenge is pretty simple: find a littered place, clean it up, and post your before-and-after photos to social media. Everybody wins when we clean up our community.

Here's how it works: 

Step 1: Take a picture of a littered area

Step 2: Clean it up!

Step 3: Take a picture of yourself (and whoever helped) at the same area now that you've clean it up. Try to include the number of trash bags you filled, or interesting items you found. 

Step 4: Upload the picture to Instagram and tag it with these three hashtags: #KeepNewMexicoTrue, #TossNoMas, and #TrashTag. Make sure you use all three to, or you won't be entered! 

Step 5: Check this newsletter every month to see if you are the photo of the month. You'll receive a goody bag of New Mexico True swag and for any Farmington winners, we will also give you Bisti Bay water park or Lake Farmington passes. 

Step 6: Follow Keep New Mexico True on Instagram and share it with your friends! Even if you don't win, the #TrashTag challenge is the best thing trending right now. 

Step 7: If you win, screenshot yourself in New Mexico True’s photo of the month and email to to claim your local prize.

And we already have our first winner! Congratulations to Valencia Middle School for being selected as the first ever monthly winner (pictured above).


This is a program in which individuals, organizations and businesses volunteer to take care of a site in the community, which gives us each an opportunity to get involved! As an “adopter,” you provide the community spirit and pride it takes to ensure we all take care of our environment.

Picking up litter on your adopted spot a few times per year is the only responsibility. Trash bags, safety vests, and gloves are provided by Farmington Clean and Beautiful; your business or organization is responsible for providing the manpower. Please call 505-599-1426 with questions or to get involved. 

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