Rate Information

Rates effective as of March 1, 2017

Electric Rate Class Descriptions

The Farmington Electric Utility System (FEUS) encourages load growth and economic development in the community through stable rates for its customers and through developing incentives in various customer rate classes. Our menu of customer rates includes rates for residential service, businesses, industrials and economic development.

The entire 1718 square mile FEUS service territory encompasses much of San Juan County and a small portion of Rio Arriba County and is covered by ten rate schedules. The majority of customers fall under three categories; residential, general, and large general.

Residential Rates

The demand charge is built into the energy charge. A power cost adjustment may be charged. Residential Customer rates include a flat fee and a usage charge every month.
  • $4.75 Customer Charge
  • $0.09751/kWh Usage Charge

General Service Rates

The demand charge is built into the energy charge. A power cost adjustment may be charged. General Service rate applies to commercial, business, professional, small industrial and miscellaneous load customers with a peak demand of less than 35 kW, and/or less than 12,250 kWh for any three months over a year. This rate includes a fixed monthly customer charge and a usage charge. The usage charge for commercial customers is slightly higher than residential customer because commercial service demands more capacity for the same usage.
  • $7 Customer Charge
  • $0.09851/kWh Usage Charge

Large General Service Rates

This rate also includes a power factor adjustment, a primary voltage discount, and a transmission voltage discount. A power cost adjustment may be charged. Large General Service rate applies to customers with a peak demand of at least 35 kW, and/or more than 12,250 kWh. They are charged separately for usage and peak demand to allow them to plan their electrical usage and spread it over the day to reduce demand charges. Each monthly billing is comprised of the following:
  • $10 Customer Charge, plus
  • $9.50/kW of Billing Demand, plus
  • $0.06031/kWh Energy Charge

Industrial Rates

  • The Economic Rider reduces the cost of service provided under the Large General Service Rate for a new manufacturing or processing customer with a minimum electric demand of 500 kilowatts.
  • The Bulk Power Service Rate is for customers with a demand of 4000 kilowatts or more.
  • The Long Term Bulk Power service rate offers a discounted demand and energy charge from the Bulk Power service rate to those customers signing a 10 year service agreement with FEUS.