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Bike Walk FMPO

The Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) is engaged in planning the next generation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure for the Farmington region. This project will help the Farmington MPO prioritize future bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will increase bicyclist and pedestrian safety, create accessible routes, connect communities, and promote the health and wellness of all residents.

You may access the final draft version of the 2019 Bike/Pedestrian Plan under the Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning page!

Who is Leading This Project?

This project is being led by the staffs and stakeholders from the Cities of Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington, Town of Kirtland, and San Juan County. Two consultants, Russell Engineering, based in Durango, CO, and Groundwork Studio, based in Albuquerque, have been hired to complete the plan.

Why is this Plan Important?

Investing in regional bicycle and pedestrian facilities has multiple benefits for both individuals and the community at large. These benefits include potential improvements to public health, safety, connectivity, and environmental well-being. In addition, there are multiple economic benefits associated with walking and bicycling, including tourism promotion and lower transportation costs for individuals. Walking and biking are also some of the most accessible forms of physical activity, with health benefits including preventing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes; helping to maintain a healthy weight; and improving mood and lowering stress levels. Research has shown that higher levels of walking and biking are correlated with lower obesity levels, lower diabetes rates, and improved health outcomes.

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