Salary & Benefits

Pay Scale

Lateral Police Officer Pay

$5,000 Signing Bonus for out of state lateral
$15,000 Signing Bonus for New Mexico Certified

Non-Certified Entry Police Officer Pay

$3,000 Hiring bonus to be paid upon successful completion of the hiring process

Hourly Wage

Years of Experience
Entry Level 
Salary ranges based on experience
Pay Per Hour
$23.25 - $31.91

Benefits Offered

Benefits Education Incentive
Associates: $1,500 a year
Bachelors: $2,000 a year
Masters: $2,500 a year

Longevity based on years of service
5 Years: $1,040 per year
6 Years: $1,560 per year
7 - 9 Years: $2,080 per year
10 -14 Years: $2,600 per year
15 - 17 Years: $3,120 per year
18+ Years: $5,200 per year.

25-year retirement at 70% of high five-year average salary with the ability to reach 95% with additional service years. Retirement is provided through the New Mexico Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA). The employee contributes 13.80%.

Shift Differential
Shift Differential is provided to officers who work either swing shifts or graveyard shifts. Shift differential is calculated toward PERA contributions.  

Swing Shift 4:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
$1,560 per year

Graveyard Shift 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
$3,120 per year

Vacation / Sick Leave
Vacation and holiday pay accrual for sworn employees starts at 160 hours of vacation and 96 hours of sick leave per year. At the beginning of the employee's sixth year, vacation accrual increases to 200 hours per year and increases again in the 15th year to 240 hours per year.

Life Insurance
Life insurance coverage is paid by the city for employee’s at one and half times their annual salary. Supplemental life policies are also available.

Deferred Compensation
Deferred compensation companies are offered.

Health Coverage
Group health coverage is offered. Single and family premiums are offered on a biweekly pay period. Retiree health benefits are available.

Tax Adjustment for Benefits
Contribution to retirement, deferred compensation and health coverage is considered an adjustment before taxes, therefore lowering tax burden.

Additional Benefits
  • 4/10 Workweek
  • Take home vehicle
  • Paid PT time
  • Paid lunch hour
  • Most advanced training in the area
  • Department issued cell phone
  • Department issued uniform and equipment including, firearm, vest, and boots
  • Tuition assistance for college classes