Women Against Crime

Women Against Crime is a free course teaching ways to avoid and prevent danger by being able to recognize and divert threatening situations. The course addresses ways to diffuse potentially dangerous events and how to fight back effectively when necessary. Inner confidence is the ultimate survival strategy. Confidence is built from the belief that you are worth protecting and the knowledge that you can resist an attack and win. This brings inner strength and new opportunities as well as a feeling of safety. Women can take power into their own hands and lives by saying: "No matter what happens, I'll do my best. I will be a survivor, not a victim."
This course was created by Albuquerque Police Sgt. Trish Hoffman in 2000. This class was designed to educate women about safety awareness. This is a free 10 week course, provided 3 times a year. The course covers topics such as rape, domestic violence, burglary and larceny, drugs, gangs, and much more.

For women ages 16 and over.