Lost and Found

If you are missing a pet the most important thing to do is to physically come down to the shelter to look for your lost pet.  We cannot identify animals over the phone, you must come down to the shelter.

  • We suggest coming every day or every other day to look for your lost animal.
  • File a lost report with us and any shelters within 60 miles (Aztec and La Plata).
  • Use social media outlets such as San Juan County Lost and Found Pets on Facebook or ads on Craigslist.
  • Hang fliers in your neighborhood and walk the neighborhood on a regular basis.
  • Alert friends and neighbors that you are missing your animal.
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date on tags and microchips.  If your information is not up to date then we may not be able to contact you if the animal comes in.  Do not rely on lost reports, tags or microchips, you must physically come down to the shelter for look for your lost animal

There will be fees involved with getting your animal out of the shelter.  These fees are determined by state and local laws and cannot be waived.  Bring proof of ownership, proof of sterilization and proof of current rabies vaccine with you when you come to reclaim your animal.

 Fee Schedule
 Impound Fee 1st Offense - $15, 2nd Offense - $25, 3rd Offense - $35
 Spay and Neuter Deposit $25
 Rabies Deposit $10
 Boarding $5/Day

The spay/neuter and rabies deposits are mandated by New Mexico State law.  They are refundable if you have your animal altered and brought up to date on rabies vaccine within 30 days of the impound.

If you have found an animal you must make an effort to find the owner.
  • Take the pet to a vet clinic or animal shelter to have it scanned for a microchip.
  • File a found animal report with the animal shelters in your area and post on social media if possible.
  • You cannot keep or rehome an animal you have found without making a concerted effort to find the owner.

Fill out a Lost Pet Report Form with the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter here.
Fill out a Found Animal Report Form with the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter here.