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Posted on: October 25, 2017

CH2M Recognized at Farmington City Council


CH2M Recognized at Farmington City Council  RonRosenAcceptsAward

During last night's City Council meeting CH2M was awarded the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association Water Heroes Award.


The Water Hero Award is to acknowledge an individual (or a group of individuals) who performed duties above and beyond the usual call of duty during an emergency situation to continue to protect the public and the environment. These duties shall elevate the status of the wastewater industry. This award can be given out at any time and is not limited in number.

While members of the CH2M team originally received the award at the annual conference held, Loveland CO On Sept 12, they were recognized by the Mayor and Council last night. Ron Rosen presented some of the highlights earning the team this award:

1.) "A skilled and safety-driven team of 49 professional operators, functional leaders, technicians, maintenance personnel, and support staff keeps the City of Farmington’s water, wastewater, and stormwater utility systems operating—managing wastewater, supplying clean water to homes and businesses, and maintaining consistent regulatory compliance. Our excellent team is the result of a long-term collaborative partnership between the City and CH2M. "

2.) "CH2M and the City carried out all the operations and system monitoring necessary to assure success in responding to the Gold King incident. At CH2M, we refer to these hardworking people as Everyday Heroes. They’re the heart, soul, and backbone of our world-class services. We rely on their experience and abilities to bring the very best to our clients every day. "

To view the submission, please click the link below:

CH2M Water Hero Award Submission
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