March 1, 2019

Main Street Complete Streets Construction Project

Objectives for Main Street Complete Street as determined through extensive community meetings:
  • Have a Main Street that is SAFE for all citizens and modes of transportation
  • Respect and embrace the HISTORIC nature of the street and it’s buildings
  • Restore Main Street as a PLACE of Cultural and Social prominence in the community
  • Rehabilitate the Main Street to an ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE condition
  • Create an atmosphere which supports EXCHANGE at all levels
Objectives for engineering of the Main Street Complete Streets construction project:
  • Replace aging water, electrical, and concrete infrastructure.
  • Increase pedestrian walkability, safety and accessibility.
  • Increase lighting within the corridor.
  • Slow down traffic with roundabouts and a road diet.
  • Widen sidewalks and increase connectivity between districts.
  • Install modern features like wifi and wireless sound system.
  • Create a destination for locals and tourists.
This project is currently in design and plans can be found at HQ at 119 W. Main. 
  • The Site Furnishings design elements for bike racks, trash receptacles, benches, and other items are currently in development.
  • The Grading and Drainage plans are in revision based on staff comments.
  • The plans for signage to divert the through semi-truck traffic are under staff review.  Since some of these signs are proposed in state right-of-way, a portion of the plans will need to be review and approved by NMDOT.
  • The electric system in the alleyways is being upgraded and upsized in certain areas in order to supply adequate power to the new pedestrian and street lights and the proposed outlets for large events.
PLEASE NOTE: We have recommended to City Administration and City Council that the Main Street Complete Street project timeline be extended to January 2020. This is based on several factors, the task of engineering the storm water improvements have proven to be difficult and more time consuming than originally estimated; we are adamant about avoiding construction during our peak holiday season (Nov/Dec); and this allows current and proposed projects in the surrounding area to be completed prior to the work on Main Street. The Main Street Complete Streets project is estimated to last 7-10 months.

2019 Construction Season Update:

  • Water line installation along San Juan Boulevard from Butler east to Hutton. Construction is estimated to complete in September 2019.
  • ADA ramps and sidewalk improvements continue along Arrington St and La Plata St and Broadway Ave.
  • Electrical upgrades in alleyways may continue through June 2019. Concrete replacement repairs and asphalt patching will be performed as the electrical work is completed.  Please note that any asphalt that is placed now is temporary until the asphalt plant opens in spring and permanent asphalt can be placed. 

Should you have any questions regarding this project, road closures, or street restrictions, please do not hesitate to call Public Works Dept at 505-599-1308 or visit http://www.fmtn.org/633/Projects-and-Construction for all the latest on road projects.

Public Safety in the Downtown Corridor:

Please note that there have been reports of people taking shelter on building rooftops.  Please secure your property and remove any equipment or vehicles that could be used to access building rooftops.  If you have an emergency call 911.  Report any other issues to non-emergency dispatch at 505-334-6622.

Jazz Jam CC Dec 2018

Weekly Happenings:

  • Wednesdays: Jazz Jam is held in the Civic Center Lobby from 7pm-9pm.  Enjoy free refreshments.  Sponsored by the San Juan Jazz Society, Civic Center, and Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet Project.  

Upcoming 2019 Events:

  • Spring Downtown Stroll & Artwalk: Downtown, Friday, April 12th, 2019, from 5pm to 9pm.  You can participate by hosting an artist and/or extend your hours.  For printing and advertising purposes, the artwalk committee needs to know by March 15th.  Contact Tara Churchill at Artifacts Gallery at 505-327-2907 or by email at artifacts.gallery@yahoo.com.
  • Summer Downtown Stroll & Artwalk: Downtown, Friday, June 14th, 2019 from 5pm to 9pm.
  • Fourth of July Parade: Downtown, Thursday, July 4th, 2019.
  • Rod Run: Downtown, Saturday, July 20th, 2019 from 5pm-10pm. 
Art Walk

Do you have an event you want to tell the 4 Corners about?

Submit your event to our Convention & Visitor Bureau calendar: 

Did you know? Memberships to the FCVB start at $50/year.  This is a great way to get your business listed on one of the top performing websites in our community.

Want to know the benefits of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

100 W. Broadway | 505-325-0279 | chamber@gofarmington.com | www.gofarmington.com

Small Business Resources:

We have been busy promoting our downtown businesses and events through our Facebook Page; Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet project.  Please like and follow our page for cross promotion opportunities and to add your event to our calendar.  You can also tag us or invite us to your event to bring it to our attention.   Don't forget to submit events to the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau as well for a larger audience. Additionally, remember to help out your neighboring businesses by leaving a 5 star review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other social media outlets.  If you need help with social media attend the next BRP class (below)!  

Business Resiliency Project (BRP):

Back by popular demand, the Business Resiliency Project trainings have resumed.  We will be scheduling classes a bit differently this semester.  We will be holding one or two classes per month from February through October.  Most classes will be on Monday mornings at 8:00am like before and we will be including some Monday evening classes too.  Registration will be through our Facebook page or Eventbrite and so far, all classes are FREE.  Registration is highly recommended for a headcount. 

All classes are held at HQ at 119 W. Main unless otherwise noted. Mark your calendars!
  • March 18, 2019 - Social Media - A Deeper Dive with Robyne Beaubien
  • April 15, 2019 - Digital Marketing with Forte Digital
  • May 8, 2019 - Developing Commercial Properties in the Downtown Area (new!). This is a Wednesday evening seminar held at Civic Center at 5:30pm. 
  • May 20, 2019 - Email Marketing & Desktop Publishing
Other topics may include Crime Prevention, Customer Service, Market Research, Business Credit, Marketing Plans, Business Plans, and Crime Watch.  If you have a specific need for a training in an area not listed here, please contact us.  

NMMS logo

New Mexico MainStreet Program:

Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet Project is part of the New Mexico MainStreet Program. New Mexico MainStreet develops local capacity to engage people, rebuild places and grow the entrepreneurial, creative and business environment resulting in economically thriving downtowns, greater business and employment opportunities and a higher quality of life. 

Do you have an improvement or idea or educational need that qualifies to be a recipient of this program? Contact Michael Bulloch, your NMMS Director, at the numbers below. 

Arts and Cultural District:

The ACD Team next meeting will be on April 10th at 5:30pm*.  The ACD Team has been formed and officers elected.   In addition to the Executive Director, Michael Bulloch, please welcome Chair - Karen Ellsbury, Vice Chair - Tom Taylor, and Secretary - Melanie Leeson.  The ACD Team will be tasked with creating, planning, and producing a signature event for the district (The Big Red Apple Fruit Festival?). 

On April 8th at 4pm-7pm, we will be having a ACD work planning session with Michelle Negrette of New Mexico MainStreet.  We will be laying down the foundation of the ACD, setting goals and coming up with an economic transformation strategy (ETS). 

Want to get involved? Contact Ex. Dir. Michael Bulloch at 505-599-8442.  

Stakeholder meetings: 

Next meeting will be March 4, 2019 at 10am.*

Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency meetings:

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 at 4pm.*
Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 at 4pm.*

*All meetings are held at HQ at 119 W. Main unless otherwise noted.

Ivan Lee Mural Concept

Art in the Alley

Artist Ivan Lee's mural proposal has been approved by the MRA commissioners and City Council.  Please keep an eye out for this mural installation on the back of Complete Street HQ!

Do you have a building that you would like to be considered as a canvas for a future mural project?  Contact Michael.  

Citizen's Financial Report Calendar 2019

Stop by HQ and pick up your free
Citizen's Financial Report Calendar
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2019 Visitor's Guide

Visitor's Guide 2019

Volunteer Opportunities:

Opportunities to volunteer are available.  This is a way to help out along side your fellow downtown neighbor.  Contact Michael for more information. 

  • Help out artists with upcoming mural installations.
  • Labor for future grant funded projects in the downtown area.
  • Our local non-profits can always use a hand!  Contact Hustle Kindness Headquarters or The ARC of San Juan County. 

Our Goal:

The purpose of this newsletter is to be transparent and open about our plans for this large-scale infrastructure investment with the downtown stakeholders.  We recognize the potential for economic growth that could result from a project of this magnitude, but also the challenges that come.  Additional details on any of the above referenced items are on file at HQ at 119 W. Main or on our website. Feedback is always welcome and participation is always encouraged!

Michael Photo

Contact Us:

Michael Bulloch
Downtown Coordinator & Executive Director for MainStreet Program and Arts & Cultural District

119 W. Main Street
505-599-8442 office
505-716-6057 cell

Sherry M. Roach
Project Coordinator
119 W. Main Street
505-599-8443 office
505-427-1512 cell

Sherry Roach
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