Which customers are getting Turtle meters installed and Why?
Some 12,242 Turtle meters currently in use have been installed in service area locations that are the furthest and most difficult for meter readers to access. We are installing Turtle meters for all of our customers throughout our service area, except for locations within the Farmington and Bloomfield city limits. Due to distance, rural are typically the more expensive to read. By automating the electric meter reading in the rural areas, the electric utility can significantly reduce the cost of meter reading. We have been able to cut back on the number of employees it takes to read electric meters throughout the system, as well as freeing up personnel for other necessary jobs. What now requires a trip every month will only require an annual trip for verification of the meter reading and meter testing at regular intervals. This will also reduce equipment costs (such as pickup trucks) and the cost of maintaining equipment. These reductions will help ensure that Farmington Electric can continue charging the lowest prices possible for your electricity. To further reduce meter reading cost, the utility is in the process of replacing electric meters in Bloomfield with ERT (Electronic Radio Transmitter)meters. The meter reader will be able to go into a more populated area or neighborhood and automatically read a number of meters at one time with an ERT...without having to physically travel to each meter.

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