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I've noticed the water pressure in my house has decreased over the years, Why?
Although there may be several reasons why water pressure is decreasing, in most cases water leaks or mineral build-up within your plumbing lines cause you to experience this problem. The older the plumbing, the more likely a pressure problem. The city encounters the same problems within the water mains which is why the city is proactive on its preventative maintenance programs such as leak detection, hydrant flushing and pressure testing. For any water / sewer emergencies or non-emergencies, please contact the city's operations and maintenance contractor (CH2M-Hill/OMI, Inc.) at 505-326-1918.

Water & Wastewater Utilities

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1. How do I report a water or sewer leak?
2. I don't have a shut-off valve anywhere after the meter-can. Am I allowed to go into the meter-can to shut off my water immediately?
3. What would happen if a plumber goes into my meter-can without prior authorization?
4. I've noticed the water pressure in my house has decreased over the years, Why?
5. Why does my water look cloudy?
6. Why does my water look dirty at times?
7. I have a water softener in my home. How much water hardness does my water softener need to be set at?
8. What portion of my water and sewer service lines is my responsibility?
9. Does my insurance company cover my service line repairs/replacements?
10. Can my water & sewer service lines cross my property line into the neighboring property and be shared?

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