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Animal Services

  1. Dog Walking Agreement

    Dog walker

  2. Found an Animal

    Found report

  3. Public Spay & Neuter Application

    We offer a low cost/no cost spay and neuter program to the citizens of San Juan County. The program is income based and uses household... More…

  1. Foster Care Application

    Application for fostering an animal from the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter

  2. Lost a Pet

    Lost a pet form

Civility First Four Corners

  1. Great Service Star Nomination Form

    Nominate a Great Service Star and you may win a prize for yourself and your star! Please sure to include the company and date of... More…


  1. Candidate Interest Form

    Farmington Fire Department New Candidate Interest Form


  1. Contact Us
  2. Sign the Farmington Outdoor Pledge

    Enter your email address below to take the pledge.

  1. Farmington Outdoor Pledge Decal Request

    To show our gratitude for taking the Farmington Outdoor Pledge, we’d like to send you a special “I took the Farmington Outdoor Pledge”... More…


  1. Alarm User Registraton
  2. Community Learning / High School Senior Project Application
  3. Farmington Police Crime Lab - Photograph CD Request
  4. Farmington Police Department DVD Request
  5. Request To Inspect Public Records
  1. Citizens' Police Academy Application

    Citizens' Police Academy Application

  2. Evidence Discovery Form
  3. Farmington Police Department Application for Intership/Practicum

    Thank you for your interest in completing an internship/practicum with the Farmington Police Department. Please fill out out the... More…

  4. FPD Volunteer Application Form
  5. Summer Adventure Challenge Leadership Camp Application

    DEADLINE: Applications and additional required documentation must be received in our office by Friday, June 12, 2015. Camp dates... More…



    Occupancy tax means the tax, also known as lodgers' tax, on lodging, authorized by Farmington Municipal Code, Sec 8-12-7. This tax will... More…


    Submit this registration form to be added to the City of Farmington Vendor List. This form is also used to submit updated information... More…