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Vendor Registration

  1. Central Purchasing Division 800 Municipal Drive Farmington, New Mexico 87401 Phone: 505-599-1373

  2. Are you Incorporated:*

  3. Please upload a current, completed W-9 with your business name listed as it is with the Taxation and Revenue Department.

  4. Your choices should be only those products/services you can furnish. Please make your listing in numerical order following the Commodity List Book. You may use additional submissions if necessary. Please use the following format for submitting your commodity, sub-commodity listing. List the commodity separated by a hyphen, then the sub-commodity and separate each entry with a comma. Example: 255-255, 255-125, 310-410,

  5. If you are registered as a Resident or Veteran Bidder, please upload a copy of your certificate. If you qualify as a Resident or Veteran Bidder but have not been Certified, please visit the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue website to register.

  6. Certification: I hereby certify that all statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I understand that misrepresentation of material facts will cause forfeiture of my rights to bid with the City Central Purchasing Office.

  7. If yes, please provide their name and contact information

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