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 Ordinance No: Title
2014-1272 Enacting a New Chapter 8 Article 16 of the Farmington Municipal Code Imposing a Convention Center Fee in Compliance with the Requirements Set Forth in the New Mexico Convention Center Financing Act
2015-1274 Authorizing the City of Farmington, New Mexico to Enter into a Loan Agreement with the New Mexico Environment Department for the Purpose of Obtaining Wastewater Construction Loan Funds in the Principal Amount of $14,000,000 Plus Accrued Construction Interest; Designating the Use of the Loan Funds for the Purpose of Financing the Cost of Bettering and Improving the City's Sanitary Sewer System by Extending, Enlarging, Bettering, Repairing and Otherwise Improving the City's Existing Wastewater Treatment Facility; Declaring the Necessity for the Loan; Providing that the Loan will be Payable and Collectible Solely from the Net Revenues Derived from the Operation of Just the City Sanitary Sewer System; and Prescribing Other Details Concerning the Loan and the Security Therefor; and Otherwise Relating to the Foregoing and this Ordinance

City of Farmington
800 Municipal Drive
Farmington, NM 87401
Ph: 505-327-7701