Fire Department

Buddy to Boss: Effective Fire Service Leadership

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Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed the needs and expectations of those we serve with the highest level of Valor, Integrity, and Commitment; providing optimum protection and prevention to our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to constantly grow and progress, striving to be at the leading edge of our profession, providing a safer future for our community.
  • Ideology (Values and Purpose) - To respond to and manage all calls for help while displaying Valor, Integrity, and Compassion.
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  • Future (Goals and Growth) - To prepare for the community's growing demand for our services through: Progressive Training, Modern Equipment, and Facilities, Qualified and Experienced Personnel.
  • Community (Internal and External) - To save lives and property through crisis management, fire prevention and public education. To promote safety and a positive image of the Farmington Fire Department to the community. To provide a safe, positive work environment for our personnel, utilizing their unique talents in a collective effort to enhance the fire department's capabilities.
Our Core Values
  • Safety - Striving to keep ourselves and those we serve free from harm.
  • Service - Upholding a standard of excellence while exceeding the expectation of our customers and our organization.
  • Valor - Displaying honor, courage, strength, and bravery while facing dangerous and challenging situations.
  • Compassion/Empathy - Our desire to ease the pain of others and display a capacity to care, identify, and understand their situation.
  • Professionalism - Upholding a standard of excellence set forth by the traditions and values of our trade.
  • Pride - Self respect and satisfaction gained by holding the knowledge that we have given the best in all that we do.
Our Commitment
To the Public we commit:
  • To provide Fire, Rescue, EMS, Prevention, Education, and Community Services. 
  • That our personnel will be Honest, Competent, and Highly Trained Professionals.
  • That our response will be Timely, Safe, and Appropriate.
  • That our actions will be Safe, Aggressive, and Effective.
  • That our service will be Compassionate, Respectful, and of the Highest Quality.
To our Personnel we commit:
  • To provide Safe, Modern, and High Quality Equipment.
  • That we will not be discriminatory.
  • To provide a Safe, Secure, and Healthy work/living environment.
  • To provide progressive training in all aspects of the services we deliver.
To Each Other we commit:
  • To be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges we face.
  • To respect the diversity and individuality of our organization and its members.
  • To implore a strong work ethic while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • To support and protect the well being of our brotherhood and families on and off of duty.