October is National Community Planning Month. Planners work to improve the well-being of all people living in our community.

This year's theme — Planning for Infrastructure That Benefits All — highlights how well-planned infrastructure projects (including roadways, transportation systems, housing, parks, and even broadband networks) strengthen communities, boost the economy, expand opportunity, and promote equitable development.



The Planning Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for the implementation of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the administration and enforcement of the city’s UDC,Unified Development Code, and the administration of other ordinances, plans, and policies related to land use, which are adopted by the City Council.


The division oversees and coordinates the city’s processes relating to development review, including the compilation of review comments from various city departments and other entities, such as Comcast, CenturyLink, New Mexico Gas, and the Farmington School District.

Staff Functions

Staff review site plans, development plans, land use applications, and provide support to several commissions and boards, and are responsible for assigning addresses, and making the annual inspections of oil and gas wells located within the city. The division regularly host meetings with developers, engineers, architects, and builders to discuss their proposals, and are available to answer questions from the general public.

DRC - Development Review Committee

All petitioners are encouraged to meet with city staff at the DRC meeting which is held every Tuesday morning at 8:15 a.m. at 805 Municipal Drive, 2nd Floor.  For more information, please call 505-599-1317.

Applications & Forms

NOTE:  All Petitions require a pre-application meeting with staff.  Please contact the Planning Division at 505-599-1317.

Special Use


SUP Approval Procedure
SUP Application
P&Z 2019 Schedule

Zone Change

ZC Approval Procedure
ZC Application
P&Z 2019 Schedule


ARB Approval Procedure
ARB Application
ARB 2019 Schedule

Framing the Future, October 2002 - The Farmington Comprehensive Plan
The Farmington Comprehensive Plan-Framing the Future is the result of a multi-stage process of identifying issues and needs, building consensus, establishing goals and objectives, and determining the most effective means by which these ends may be achieved. With its emphasis on meaningful results, this Comprehensive Plan sets the stage for intelligent and coordinated actions.

Farmington Comprehensive Plan

Maps from the Comprehensive Plan *** AMENDED MAJOR THOROUGHFARE PLAN - June-26-12