Road Apple Rally




Road Apple Rally Weekend - October 6 & 7, 2023 

Held annually since 1981, the Road Apple Rally is America’s longest continuously running mountain bike race! This single-track course includes 15 and 30-mile loops in the Glade Run Recreation Area and is a fun and fast race for mountain bikers of all levels. The Rally got its name from early riders dodging “road apples” left behind by horses who also used the trail. 

The early October season in the Four Corners region of New Mexico is well known for its beautiful clear skies and perfect fall temperatures, making it an ideal getaway for avid cyclers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Join us for a weekend of fun! Events kick off in Downtown Farmington on Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th is race day!

Weekend Schedule of Events

October 6: Friday Night Downtown Bike Party: SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILED SCHEDULE

  • Location: Farmington Civic Center
  • Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Outdoor Gear & Bike Swap (setup starts at 4:30 PM)
  • Community Bike Cruise w/ Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization and Farmington Park Rangers
  • MTB & Junk Bike/Cruiser Criterium
  • Beer Garden, Rider Dinner, & Packet Pickup

October 7: Road Apple Rally MTB Race

October 7: FREE Premier of "The Engine Inside" Movie from Anthill Films

Friday Night Bike Party Detailed Schedule

  • Outdoor Gear and Bike Swap

    The Outdoor Gear and Bike Swap is a BYO-type event where community members can buy, sell, and swap new and used outdoor gear and cycling equipment.  Gear can include, but isn’t limited to hiking, camping, climbing, paddling, hunting, road and mountain biking, and OHV/overlanding.  We'll also have the good folks from 505 Cycles, Sandstone Cycles, Bisti Bikes, Barefoot Bicycles, and jack's Plastic Welding there with blowout sales.  Buyers and sellers are responsible for price negotiation and payment, so bring cash!  The City of Farmington is not responsible for any aspects of sales.

The Outdoor Gear and Bike Swap will take place in the Civic Center courtyard, which is also the site of the beer garden and dinner so you can have a beer and a meal while you buy and sell!
The Outdoor Gear and Bike Swap is FREE to participate in, but you need to bring your own table and chairs.  Setup starts at 4:30 PM, swap runs from 5-8 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: Firearm sales are prohibited at the Outdoor Gear and Bike Swap. Event organizers reserve the right to decide what items are allowed or prohibited. Sellers should limit items for sale to outdoor equipment only. If you have questions about the appropriateness of specific items, please

  • MTB and Junk Bike/Cruiser Crit

  • Start time: 6:15 PM
  • Course: 3 laps around Farmington Civic Center (about 1 mile)
  • Classes: Men’s and Women’s
  • Prizes: TBD, but we’ll have some!
  • Rules:
  • MTB only: You must do the crit on the same bike you’re riding the RAR on (including tires).   Non-registered riders can participate, but must ride on a proper MTB with knobby tires.  
  • Junk Bike/Cruiser: In general, limited to vintage bikes, klunkers, beach cruisers, etc.  Think 3-speed, singlespeed, cantilever brakes, coaster brakes, etc.  Separate classes will be decided based on who shows up!
  • This is meant to be fun!   Try not to take it too seriously.
  • Community Bike Cruise

    Let’s get out and ride around downtown!  The Metropolitan Planning Organization is leading a family-friendly bike cruise to showcase our bike lanes and river paths.  The ride will be up to 6 miles, but can be shortened based on group interest and ability.  No one gets dropped!  Helmets are required.  The Community Bike Cruise leaves the Civic Center at 5:30 PM.

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Course Information

The Road Apple Rally MTB Race takes place in the BLM Glade Run Recreation Area, featuring 19,000 acres of slick rock, rolling terrain, and sandy arroyos. There are two course options: the 30-mile Long Course and the 15-mile Short Course.  Both courses start and finish at Lions Wilderness Park off of College Boulevard in Farmington.

30-Mile Long Course

The Long Course starts off with a 1.5-mile stretch of pavement followed by 2 miles of dirt double-track.  From there it's mostly rolling singletrack, with a few sections of pavement at Light Plant Road, Foothills Drive, and Hood Mesa Road.  The last 7 miles are almost all descent which makes for a fast, flowy finish!  GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD AN AVENZA-FRIENDLY PDF OF THE LONG COURSE

RAR 2023 Long CourseRAR Long Course Elevation Profile

15-Mile Short Course

The Short Course starts off with 3/4-mile of pavement before jumping onto the Anasazi Trail singletrack, with just over a mile of pavement on the outbound and return legs. Like the Long Course, the final 7 miles are mostly descending. GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD AN AVENZA-FRIENDLY PDF OF THE SHORT COURSE.RAR 2023 Short CourseRAR Short Course Elevation Profile

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Road Apple Rally Results
Complete Results by YearWinner Men's OpenWinner Women's Open/Overall
2022Marcus BoucherAriana Chavez
2021Brent Winebarger McKenzie Winebarger
2020Brent WinebargerKatherine Daley
2019Todd Wells Jennifer Gersbach
 2018 Brent WinebargerMcKenzie Winebarger
 2017Todd Wells Tamatha Risner
2016Nick Gould Angela Des Cognets
2015Brent Winebarger
Bettina Mills 
2014Todd WellsShonny Vanlandingham
2013Todd WellsSarah Strum
2012Todd Wells
Carmen Small
2011Travis Brown
Shannon Gibson
2010Travis BrownNina Baum
2009Ned Overend
Jennifer Smith
2008Matt Schriver
Shannon Gibson
2007Damian Calvert
Nina Baum
2006Travis BrownKristi Lewis
2005Anthony Colby
Sarah Tescher
2004Ned Overend
Jennifer Smith
2003Jay Henry
Jennifer Wilson
2002Cody PetersonSarah Tescher
2001Ross Schnell
Shonny Vandlandigham
2000Mark Gullickson
Julie Emmerman