Sanitation Utilities


 Under the direction of the Community Works Director, this division is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the solid waste contractor’s performance.                   
The Sanitation Utility Division consists of Operations, Maintenance and special programs. The Community Works Director is responsible for the Operations area and serves as the liaison between the City and its solid waste contractor, Waste Management, Inc.

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2021 Farmington Battery Recycling Website


Did you know you can have batteries, cans of old paint, unwanted electronics and more picked up and taken away for safe disposal at no extra cost to you? Simply order a free kit from Waste Management and schedule a home collection. They’ll do the rest!

This program is in place to help ensure items that can be harmful to the environment or dangerous inside collection trucks are responsibly disposed. For example, batteries (both the AA and automotive 12-volt kind), paint and toxic chemicals (such as toilet bowl cleaners and engine oil), electronics and CLF bulbs should NOT go into your trash or recycling bins at home. They require special handling.


A list of accepted items can be found at When you’re ready, schedule an at home collection online or call 1-800-449-7587. From there, WM’s At Your Door Special Collection® service will conveniently and safely collect eligible batteries, electronics, and more.

This service is included in your waste bill, so schedule your FREE pickup today. 

New Service For Farmington Residents

At Your Door Special Collection® service!

Have special home-generated waste picked up from the convenience of your front door or driveway. Items like paint, electronics and garden chemicals can be disposed of safely.

Call 1-800-449-7587 or go online to to schedule a collection. 

You’ll receive a collection kit in the mail, put your items into the bag, and the place it outside on your scheduled collection day.

AYD Television Recycling.

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Waste Management Landfill Disposal Rules

Farmington residents can dispose of up to 2 cubic yards of solid waste every month at no additional cost.

Residents must present a valid photo ID and a current utility bill (within 60 days) with a Farmington address. The address or name on the bill must match the photo ID. 

Some restrictions apply:
*Residential waste only
*Limited to 2,000 lbs. per load per household
*Loads over 2,000 lbs. and all tires are subject to standard gate rate
 *Prohibited and unauthorized wastes not accepted (liquids, Freon-containing appliances, paints, pesticides, batteries, hazardous wastes)

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A Letter from Waste Management

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San Juan County Landfill Post Collections Facility Operations Procedures


Fee (Sanitation Page)

Sanitation and Curbside Recycling Rates & Service Fees


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City of Farmington Waste Management Route Map

Toxic and Hazardous Waste Disposal Event Information


Recycling Services

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Download a printable version of the 2023 Recycling Calendar HERE.