Farmington Police Department Detective Division

Detective Division Logo Vector Graphic

Functions & Assignments

The primary function of the Detective Division is to conduct follow-up criminal investigations for crimes that occur within the City of Farmington's jurisdiction.  The Detective Division responds to call outs involving large scale crimes and works these real time, examples would be homicide or armed robbery. In addition, the Detective Division works directly with several other divisions within the Farmington Police Department to include Patrol, Region Two Narcotics, Impact Team, Real Time Crime Center, Crime Analyst and the Crime Lab.  The Detective Division works in conjunction with neighboring law enforcement agencies as well on multi jurisdictional cases.

Detective Division personnel are assigned to investigate a wide variety of felony level crimes, including violent crimes, crimes against children, property crimes, white collar crimes, arson, and juvenile crimes

Detective Division personnel also support the San Juan County Criminal Justice Training Authority and Citizens Police Academy by instructing and participating in various classes. These classes include detective and major crime investigation, domestic violence investigations, prosecution in the areas of violent crime, sex crimes, crimes against children, property crimes, white collar crimes, juvenile law and justice, handling juveniles and their problems, and explosives recognition.

If you have been the victim of a crime and need assistance the Detective Division can be reached at 505-599-1005.