Civility First Farmington

Civility First

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it."  ~ Marianne Williamson 

About the Civility First Campaign

Civility First Farmington was created by the City of Farmington's Community Relations Commission to promote positive relations and mutual goodwill while extending a welcoming hand to all who live in or visit our community.

As both a commercial and cultural hub, Farmington entertains a large number of visitors, shoppers, and area residents who depend on the area's commercial, recreational, and educational opportunities. The mission of Civility First Farmington is to promote community, elevate customer/business appreciation, and to celebrate unity within diversity.

Through an intensive public awareness campaign, community education, and by rewarding quality service, it is the goal of Civility First Farmington to make Farmington and its neighboring communities a more hospitable, harmonious, and productive place for all.

The campaign consists of ten character traits that promote positive interactions, mutual respect, and social harmony and is designed to reach all who live, work, or play in the Farmington area.

From the youngest to the oldest, we can all live Civility First.

Traits of a Civility First Community

  • CITIZENSHIP Recognizing the duties, obligations, and functions of being a part of a community
  • COMPASSION The desire and willingness to help someone in need
  • CONSIDERATION Thoughtful regard for others
  • COURTESY Demonstration of polite behavior
  • INCLUSIVENESS Ensuring anyone who wants to be included is included
  • KINDNESS Being kind
  • RESPECT Recognizing the worth of others
  • RESPONSIBILITY Being accountable for something within one's power
  • SINCERITY Being earnest and genuine
  • TOLERANCE Being permissive toward those whose opinions or practices differ from your own