Community Learning / High School Senior Projects

General Information

The Community Learning/ Senior Project Program is intended to be an educational process for students of San Juan College or local high schools. It is intended to fill course requirements for service learning hours or senior projects. It is not designed for entertainment purposes.  All individuals requesting to participate in the program will have the opportunity to complete 30 hours of service. Hours will be broken up into three, 10 hour shifts. One shift will be with a patrol officer, a second shift with the District Coordinating Unit, and a third shift will be with detectives/crime scene. Detective/crime scene shifts will be scheduled as a group and will be available twice a month. Two of the shifts will be in ride-along format. Participants will not have to complete an additional ride long form.

Request Procedures

All persons desiring to participate in the Community Learning/ Senior Project Program must fill out the Request for Community Learning/ Senior Project application and submit it to the detective/ school resource officer corporal at least 10 days prior to beginning. Detective/SRO corporals are responsible for approving or denying requests. Short notice exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis. Once the approval or denial has been made, the detective/SRO corporal will contact and schedule the student or relay the reason for denial. Attached to the application is a waiver of liability that must be signed. Should special permission be granted to a person under 18 years of age, that person must have the form signed by the minor's parent(s) or guardian(s).

Requirements and Rules for Ride-alongs

Every individual requesting permission to participate in this program is given a copy of the ride-along requirements and rules along with the request for ride-along forms. Failure to abide by the requirements and rules may result in the denial of permission or removal from the program. The shift lieutenant or on-duty shift supervisor will make the determination to deny a ride-along for any perceived violation of this policy.

1.    Dress and Grooming Standards:
A.    Participants in the ride-along program must dress and groom themselves in an appropriate and businesslike manner. The   shift sergeant will determine if the participant’s attire and/or grooming is appropriate to ride in a police vehicle and represent the police department.

B.    Minimum requirements are slacks and a dress shirt for males. Females will wear slacks and blouses. Jeans and/or tee-shirts are not acceptable for either sex.

C.    Males will be clean shaven or will have neatly trimmed beards or mustaches and hair will be neatly groomed.

D.    Clothing that advertises any product, business or organization will not be permitted, nor will any sign or symbol that is inflammatory in nature.

2.    Conduct
Participants of the ride-along program are guests of the Farmington Police Department and shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Participants will:

A.    Not use alcoholic beverages immediately prior to or during the ride-along period.

B.    Not use profane or abusive language or behave in any manner that might embarrass the department or cause an incident to escalate.

C.    Not enter into any investigation or converse with any citizens, witness or prisoner concerning a police incident or investigation.

D.     Not make known to unauthorized persons the identity of persons arrested, detained or suspected of any offense.

E.    Not operate or use any police equipment or vehicle except in the case of an emergency when requested to do so by a police officer.

F.    Not imply or convey the impression of being a police officer.

G.    Remain in the police vehicle during routine traffic stops and disturbance calls of a serious nature or whenever directed to do so by a police officer.

H.    Obey, without question, any instructions given by the officer in charge.

Please download PDF of Ride-Along Rules & Regulations

Completion Requirements:

Participants will be provided with a community mentor during this program. Mentors will be available for questions and can assist in completing any outstanding paperwork.

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