Main Street Complete Streets Construction for  Downtown Farmington

Proposed conceptual design for Orchard and Main
Greetings business owners, building owners, and residents of the downtown corridor,

This page has been created to assist us in communicating with you about the future of the downtown corridor, more specifically, Main Street.  Many of you know that the City of Farmington, the Community Development department, the MRA Commission, and Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet Project (to name a few) have been working on integrating complete streets concepts in the downtown area, to make the environment more walkable and friendly.  We are working hard to make downtown the HEART of Farmington again!

Please continue to check this page frequently, as we will use this as a method of communication for important meeting dates, information, documents, etc. Also, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us using the information on the right:

Project Summary:

The Main Street Complete Streets construction project includes infrastructure improvements, such as water line replacement, electrical upgrades to the primary and secondary systems, and storm drain improvements. The above ground improvements include increased lighting for street traffic and pedestrians, gateway signage at both ends of Downtown with a fingerpost sign at the center of Downtown in Orchard Park, new wider sidewalks that are compliant with Public Right-of-way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG), a traffic lane reduction from four lanes to two lanes, replacing signalized intersections with single-lane compact roundabouts, off-site traffic communication system upgrades, new landscaping and irrigation system, power supply for hosting large events and seasonal lighting needs, a wireless sound system, and a WiFi system.  Additional items include benches, signage, bike racks, and other such amenities.  

Project History:

Blue Zones: In 2012, at the invitation of and sponsorship by the Farmington MPO, Blue Zones visited Farmington, Aztec, and Bloomfield with a two-day workshop in Farmington and conducted a walking audit of our downtown area.  Since then we worked with Dan Burden and Samantha Thomas of Blue Zones to research and engage the community in the future of our Main Street.  As a result, we developed a vision and implementation plan for downtown Farmington.  Now it's time to take it to the next level: construction ready documents.

On March 28, 2017, the City of Farmington, through an RFQP, entered into an agreement with Occam Engineers Inc.  OEI is the company who will develop construction ready documents for two blocks of Main Street (Miller to Orchard) and complete the environmental, geotechnical investigation, utility data collection, and traffic assessments for the entire corridor.  

On May 9, 2017 City staff participated in a kick-off meeting with the OEI team.  That meeting provided great insight into the timeline for deliverables. In the weeks to come, a kick-off meeting will be schedule with business owners and residents and information about the process, timeline, and end product will be discussed.

In October 2017 Complete Streets Headquarters is established on Main Street:  The City of Farmington feels it is important for Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet Project and our Main Street Complete Streets Project Manager to be housed on Main Street.  Out of that vision, HQ at 119 W. Main was born. The goal of HQ is multifaceted. We wanted to be transparent and open about our plans for this project, and we wanted to make it easy and convenient for stakeholders to access project information. The City recognizes the potential economic growth that could result from a project of this magnitude, but the City also recognizes the challenges that come with a large-scale infrastructure investment.

On October 17, 2017 a public meeting was held at the new HQ.  OEI presented the schematic design renderings with options for parking styles.  

On April 3, 2018 the design engineer, OEI, submitted their proposed 30% design for the entire corridor along with their proposed street furnishings, plant material, and finishes.  Enlarged color renderings of the roundabouts and typical block sections were part of the submittal package.  Later in that same month the MRA Commissioners and the City Councilors reviewed and approved the design concept.  All of this information is available for public viewing at HQ at 119 W. Main.


 Name  Email  Phone
Shaña Reeves
Parks, Recreaction, and Cultural Affairs 505.599.1402
Michael Bulloch
Downtown Coordinator
Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs 505.599.8442
Sherry Roach-Bio
Project Coordinator
Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs 505.599.8443

Meet the Project Team!

Meet the team that is going to be taking us through this Complete Streets journey!  Collectively, this team will produce construction ready documents for entire downtown corridor (Miller to Auburn) of the Main Street Complete Streets project, as well as, many of the required studies (traffic, environmental, etc.).

Art Garcia, PE:
Senior Engineer

Art is managing the design phase of this project.
This includes coordinating all disciplines, managing
the project schedule, and cost control.
Art Garcia

Dennis Wilkinson, PLA, ASLA, ASIC:
Principal Landscape Architect

Dennis is responsible for all of the streetscape improvements
including landscaping, amenities, and gateways for downtown.Head Shot - Dennis Wilkinson

Rob D. LoftisPLA, ASLA, LEED AP:
Associate Landscape Architect

Rob will perform design of the streetscape improvements.Head Shot - Rob Loftis_color

Tim Simmons, PE, PTOE:
Civil Transformations, Inc.

Tim will perform the traffic data gathering and analysis.tsimmons

Matthew J. Cramer, PE:
Geomat, Inc.

Matt is in charge of the geotechnical investigation. He
will be responsible for the design of the new pavement.Matt Cramer

Eric Johnson:
Senior Environmental Project Manager
Marron and Associates
Eric will conduct an environmental review of the project.Eric photo

Robert Gromatzky, PS:
Survey Project Manager
Cobb, Fendley, & Associates, Inc.

Robert is in charge of the topographic and right of way surveys.

Peter Borsack, PE, PMP:
Utility Department Manager
Cobb, Fendley, & Associates, Inc.
Peter is responsible for the subsurface utility engineering (SUE) investigation, and for coordination with the Farmington Electric Utility System (FEUS).Borsack2_Crop


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NOTICE: June 6, 2017

If you see people working on Main Street in downtown Farmington, here's what is going on:

As part of the initial process, Geomat is planning to drill the geotechnical borings for the Complete Streets project.  This will begin on June 6, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.  Geomat anticipates approximately 30 minutes per boring location.  There are five (5) borings, so the crew anticipates being done by noon, if not earlier.  Below is the traffic plan, and the boring locations.  Geomat will be in contact with NM One-Call to mark the locations of existing utilities, so if you see paint on the street/side walks, it may be indicating no conflicts or utility lines.

Boring locations:
FarmingtonDowntown-Boring Locations

Traffic Plan: