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Fostering provides crucial overflow space to animals between homes, too young to be adopted, or recovering from illness or injury. Fostering also provides lessons for children that can enrich their lives forever and it is rewarding for the entire family. 

Who needs foster care?

The majority of animals in our foster program are too young to be adopted. These kittens and puppies simply need a safe, nurturing environment where they can grow, play, be socialized and gain weight.

Foster homes are also needed for:

  • Animals that are injured or recovering from illness
  • Animals waiting to be transferred
  • Moms & babies
  • Senior animals

What if I already have pets?

Many foster parents are already pet owners who are able to successfully integrate foster animals into their home - after ensuring their own animals are vaccinated and altered. 

Young or ill animals will often need to be housed in a quiet room or area of their own. 

Our foster coordinator will work closely with you to determine the types of animals you'd like to foster, your availability, and any special needs you or the animal may need. 

How much will it cost?

NOTHING!! All that we ask is that you provide the TLC! The Farmington Regional Animal Shelter provides all supplies and covers any necessary medical care for foster animals, including treatment for illness, medications, spaying & neutering, vaccines, and any emergency care.

How long will they stay?

It depends - some animals only stay a day or two in foster care while others may spend their first 8 weeks in one until they can be altered and put up for adoption. 

You can foster as long or as short as your schedule permits. 

How do I become a foster family?

Anyone can foster! Complete the foster application here, or visit the Regional Animal Shelter at 133 Browning Parkway. For questions call us directly at (505) 599-8386, or via email.