Why is Farmington a great place to play, live and work?

Farmington, New Mexico is a place where outdoor lovers and active families thrive. We take this promise seriously and have created the Jolt Your Journey pledge to energize the life journeys of community members. Iconic landscapes, adventures and history combine with our progressive pro-business mindset to assist outdoor recreation entrepreneurs and enterprises to succeed.

Where is Farmington located?

Farmington is close to famed Four Corners, where New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado intersect. Farmington is a great basecamp for southwest exploration.

What is ORII?

The Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII) is about enhancing Farmington’s outdoor recreation offerings and experiences and building a thriving outdoor economy of guides, outfitters and gear manufacturers.

Who should I contact to learn more about doing outdoor recreation business in Farmington?

The best place to start your discovery about doing outdoor recreation business in Farmington is Warren Unsicker, ORII and economic development director. You can reach Warren at wunsicker@fmtn.org or (505) 599-1116.