Jolt our JourneyTM Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Farmington is updating its 2002 Comprehensive Plan. Building on community conversations, input from the Technical and Steering Committees and public surveys, the new plan will create a vision to guide Farmington’s development over the next 20 years.  

We are happy to present the draft Future Land Use Plan Please click on the link to engage in an interactive tool to review on comment on the draft plan:


Farmington CIP Process and Timeline_V2 (1)


Phase 1 focused on gathering input on the communities values. Review the Phase 1 Outreach Study

Phase 2 was an opportunity for the City to report back on what was heard in Phase 1 and seek input on preliminary vision statements. Review the Vision & Opportunities Questionnaire Summary

Phase 3 is focusing on identifying economic trends and land use strategies with the best potential to bring positive change to the residents of Farmington. View the Jolt our Journey Summary.

Phase 4: Stay tuned to review the Draft Plan! 

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Over 200 community members participated in this premier event to discuss future economic possibilities for the City. With over 1,500 views of the VIDEO  the conversation is ongoing.