2040 Comprehensive Plan


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Join us for Jolt Our Future!

January 30th, 2020 5:30 - 8:00 pm at the Farmington Civic Center

A thought-provoking speaker panel event highlighting future trends for the City of Farmington. 

Topics include Outdoor Recreation, Retirement Community Destination, Broadband, and the Film Industry. Discussion will include the opportunity to learn why these topics are important to the City's health and economic well being. The event will also be a chance to provided input on the vision statements and future opportunities already identified during public outreach.

The event is free, but please take a moment to RSVP at: https://joltourfuture.eventbrite.com or call 505-599-1285


Phase #1 of the Comprehensive Plan Update process, Foundation & Visioning, is complete. Thanks to everyone who joined us at events and meetings to provide input. A complete summary of Phase #1 is available here: Phase 1 Outreach Summary

Phase 1 focused on collecting input on Farmington's values to help inform a shared vision.

Logan Simpson was hired by City Council to facilitate the Comprehensive Plan Update Process. They have developed comprehensive plans, downtown plans;mobility, housing and economic plans for communities in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. For more information visit their website at: Logan SimpsonLS logo 


The City of Farmington is updating its 2002 Comprehensive Plan to reflect the City’s transformation from an economy traditionally reliant on oil, gas, and coal extraction, to one that is much more diverse. Additionally, many of the recommended programs, projects, and actions were implemented in the past 16 years! This new economic future is envisioned to be based on outdoor recreation, tourism, becoming a retirement destination, manufacturing, education, and health services. The updated Comprehensive Plan will provide recommendations to assist Farmington’s governing bodies in decision-making, and to move policy and development forward in an intentional and productive way that is conducive to transforming Farmington into a healthy and sustainable economy for the future.

The Comprehensive Plan will be an adopted document to guide development within the City, and will provide vision, goals, objectives, and actions necessary to direct the City’s progress over the next 20 years. The Plan will assess opportunities and challenges facing the City and set priorities for implementation outlining specific actions and practical results.

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