All Dressed Up


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All Dressed Up showcases objects, especially women's hats, from the Farmington Museum collection as they are both beautiful and unique. The exhibit contains hats and garments from the 1910s into the 1970s. Many people have given objects to the Farmington Museum, but one donation stands out among the rest for this exhibition. The late Sharon (Furman) Bulloch donated her mother, Lola Furman's, collection of over 200 women's hats to the Museum. Over 50 hats from this collection, along with other garments and accessories, are on exhibit in All Dressed Up.

Don't forget to pick up Hat Bingo at the front desk as you enter; a fun way to engage with the exhibit. And kids will get a fun take-home project!

*$3 donations welcome. For more information call the Farmington Museum at (505) 599-1174.