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Feb 12

Landfill These to Recycle Right in 2020

Posted on February 12, 2020 at 4:57 PM by Georgette Allen

Recycle Right 2020
For something to be recycled, it must replace the use of raw resources to make new consumer goods. Bottles can become a new shirt, and paper can make new paper. However, there are several things that can cause issues if you place them into the wrong bin. Here’s a list of the items Waste Management has most frequently noticed in the recycling that should be landfilled.

Please put the following items in the trash to help the City of Farmington recycle right in 2020.

·         Food and liquids: Recyclables should be scraped clean with a spatula or emptied to the best of your ability before recycling. If it’s too hard to get that peanut butter or other food out of a container, send it to the landfill.

·         Lawn chairs and other yard decorations:  If you have a large metal chair, try calling a local scrap recycler to see if they can take it. Otherwise, please landfill anything from your yard other that bottles, tubs, jugs, and cans.

·         Light strings and other string-items: Items like Christmas lights, rope, and hoses will wrap around machines and cause jams.

·         Construction debris: Construction debris is not allowed in your trash or recycling cans at home. Please take this material to the nearest landfill.

·         Yard waste: Trees, brush, grass, and the like are great for composting, but not for recycling. Please compost at home or landfill this material.

·         Plastic bags: If you don’t want to landfill these, they can be recycled at a grocery store but not in your bin at home. Please do not put your recyclables in bags. They should be emptied loose into your curbside bin.

o   Expert tip for recycling plastics: Not every plastic item can be recycled. Focus on recycling plastics that are shaped like a bottle, tub or jug. 

For more information about what can go into the recycling bin, visit