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Feb 13

Complete Streets Project First Month Accomplishments

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 2:57 PM by Georgette Allen

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The Complete Streets Project kicked off on January 6, and now a month in, we're happy to report it's ahead of schedule! AUI, the general contractor, used several local subcontractors to safely and quickly remove the old concrete, asphalt, and traffic signals. The quick removal allowed AUI's utility crews to begin waterline work a week earlier than originally scheduled. 

As of Monday, crews have completed the installation of nearly 1,000 feet of 12-inch PVC waterline. Starting this week, they will install a new water main along the side streets, new 1 1/2-inch water services, and the 6-inch firelines. By upsizing the water service lines and providing fireline stub outs to each building, owners can expand their existing businesses, complete upstairs renovations, or attract a greater selection of businesses, such as food establishments, in the future. 

A local electrical subcontractor installed the temporary pedestrian lighting along the walkways for public safety. And it's caught the attention of community members who've been sharing photos of the gleaming lights on social media. 

Thanks to AUI and our subcontractors for completing work ahead of schedule and keeping the project moving on time! And a big THANK YOU to our wonderful community for their continued support of downtown businesses - now and always! 

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