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Jul 21

[ARCHIVED] 10 Outdoor Business Ideas to Launch Your New Venture

The original item was published from July 21, 2021 9:08 AM to July 21, 2021 10:00 AM

Woman Ziplining Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of getting paid to spend your time outside in the fresh air and green surroundings? Here are 10 outdoor business ideas to get you started!

1. Camping: RV campsite, tent campsite, rustic lodge

Love camping? Why not look into opening your own campsite? As far as large venues go, campsites would ideally require minimal modification, compared to buildings or suites. Or you could purchase a campground business or property, soup it up and rebrand it. You could set up campsites for tents or RV’s, or you could purchase a cabin or cabins, and set up a more high-end lodge experience.

2. Fishing: Recreational fly, recreational non-fly

Do you love fishing? Share this love with others by providing guided services on the Animas and San Juan rivers.  Fly fishing is often considered more of a challenge and a bit of an art. Charge adults and children for classes, group experiences, and set up a shop to rent or sell equipment. You could rent just a few select pieces, or create an entire business around the fishing paraphernalia!

3.Hunting: Shotgun, rifle, bow

Are you an avid hunter and enjoy teaching others these skills? Hunting guides teach people how to track and harvest animals, set up camp, and field dress the meat for safe transportation home. You could tie it into your camping business, and you may be able to let people hunt on your land. If you have a full-time job and are looking for extra side income, guide services may be a perfect fit.

4. Motorcycling: On-road, off-road

Love riding? Love teaching other people how to ride? Charge them for it! Start a group class and show them everything they need to know, from how to balance, on or off-road, to bike care and maintenance. Or guide tourists through the area for a local experience.

5. Off-roading: ATV, UTV, and Jeeping

Do you enjoy exploring scenic natural landscapes in your OHV? Outdoor tours are becoming more popular, and the Farmington area has a plethora of off-roading trails for visitors and residents who have an appetite for adventure. Feeding that adventurous hunger could be a profitable business.

6. Trail Sports (Day hiking on a trail, backpacking, running, horseback riding)

Are you a hiker or horseback rider? Stop working to make money and make money from what you love. Charge people for classes, or take them on adventures. Spend your work hours in the great outdoors sharing your true passion with others, and it will never feel like work!

7. Rock climbing and rappelling:

If you’re an avid rock climber, why not turn it into a business and spend your days doing what you love the most? Rock climbing lessons, adventures, and tours are extremely popular these days and Farmington is an ideal location to start your rock climbing or rappelling company!

8. Water Sports: Kayaking, rafting, canoeing, scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding, boating: sightseeing, wakeboarding, tubing, kneeboarding, waterskiing

Are any of these watersports your thing? Other people want these experiences too but maybe haven’t had the opportunity to try these amazing sports. That’s where you come in! Create a business where you can share these hydro-fantastic pastimes with tourists and locals, introducing them to a new hobby. Do you love spending every free moment you have on the water? The possibilities of turning your passion into a business are only limited by your imagination in the Farmington area. Charge for guided river trips —  these could include fishing, offer scuba diving certifications, or romantic boat rides with dinner and music. 

9.Biking:  On and off-road 

Biking is gaining popularity around the nation and had quite the boom during the pandemic. But this sport has always been a favorite here in Farmington. Our mountain biking trails are abundant with options for the novice, expert, and everyone in between. Fun fact, the famous Road Apple Rally, America’s longest continuously running mountain bike race, has been held here since 1981. And with the newly created bike lanes throughout the city, road cycling is catching on, too. 

Looking to capitalize on cycling? Open a bike shop to sell and repair bicycles, start a club, or teach beginners the skills they need to ride the trails safely. Bonus idea! Build a delivery business based around cycling. You’ll reap the benefits of freedom, having your own business, and staying in shape while you work. 

10. Wildlife Watching

Are you well-versed in local wildlife? Is observing and conserving wildlife your favorite hobby? Share your knowledge with others. Teach adults and children how to enjoy the beautiful creatures of our area while not disturbing their habitat. If you dabble in photography as well, give classes on photographing wildlife. And if you’re looking to make a big impact while making a living, launch a nonprofit focused on conservation.  

The possibilities are truly endless, don’t be afraid to use your imagination when turning your passion into your income! Ready to start your new outdoor business adventure in Farmington? Contact our Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII) directorWarren Unsickertoday!