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Sep 07

Taking Your Outdoor Business to New Heights

Posted on September 7, 2021 at 2:11 PM by Public Affairs

If you manage and operate your own outdoor business, you know the complexities of the work, time, and resources it takes to manage a successful company from day to day. With all the hard work you put in and the success you’ve had already, it may be time to expand your outdoor business to new locations, taking it to new heights along the way.

There are several steps you can take and elements to consider when you are looking to expand your outdoor business to a new location. 

Update Your Business' Marketing Plan

The central question for any business is, “What does the customer want?” This can be a tricky question because the answer is fluid and always changing depending on the climate of the customer base. If you haven’t asked yourself recently what your customer base wants and needs, it may be time to update your marketing plan

Consider the many elements of your business and how each of them can be improved during the expansion process. For example, what type of location will help your customers and keep them coming back consistently? Your customers may be looking for a location that offers convenient hiking opportunities or an easily accessible location closer to an airport. Know what your customers want so you can give them exactly that.

Make It a Financial Decision

Customer satisfaction is not the only consideration to make when expanding to new locations. It’s important to know the exact costs of the decision you’re making. Operating out of certain states and cities can drastically alter your cost of operation, so look at all the necessary and available information before making your decision.

Each city and state has its own tax code and will charge you differently depending on the location. This includes not only the taxes your business will pay but the taxes on your customer base as well. One of the many reasons to consider Farmington, NM as you expand the locations of your outdoor business is its low tax rate — one of the lowest in the country!    

Opportunity for Business Growth

One of the most important elements of expansion is diversification. When expanding your business to a new location, don’t simply settle for the same activities and outdoor journeys offered at your original location. Provide new and exciting experiences at each location so your customers have choices in where to travel and do exactly what they want for their vacation.

Keep in mind geographical features and possibilities when moving, like proximity to water and other natural landmarks. These features can provide options for new services, such as rock climbing, kayak rentals, or tours of the area.  Outdoor recreation is a lucrative industry contributing nearly $800 billion to the U.S. economy from annual consumer spending. Farmington is well-positioned for businesses looking to expand their offerings and capitalize on a location rich in unique features.

Never Lose Sight of the Weather

Finally, the weather of your chosen location is an incredibly important factor to consider as well. Outdoor businesses rely on specific types of weather to allow their customers to experience the full range of natural fun. Farmington’s ideal weather allows for outdoor activities during all four seasons. 

That means your customers can rent mountain bikes, ATVs, climb rocks, go for hikes, and admire the beauty of the landscape at all times of the year. With year-round opportunities, your business will see year-round success, which will boost profit margins and keep your customers happier and more fulfilled, no matter the month of the year.

If you want to expand your outdoor business, consider Farmington! Farmington is a location of majestic beauty and ample opportunities to explore and grow. Tourists come all year long to experience the natural splendor of the land and soak in the beautiful mountain vistas. They come with adventure in mind, and you can provide them with exactly what they’re looking for. To learn more, reach out to ORII to learn more about our programs today!