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Sep 15

Starting Your New Business? Don’t Do It Alone!

Posted on September 15, 2021 at 9:43 AM by Public Affairs

Farmington has a community mindset focused on assisting outdoor recreation businesses on their path to success. By offering substantial business resources and manufacturing capacity, Farmington welcomes outdoor entrepreneurs looking to start their next “big idea” venture, as well as established companies seeking to expand or relocate in a place with a quality of life second to none.


When you first get ready to start a business, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. There are so many details that need to be addressed and it can be hard to know where to turn and how to take care of it all. Fortunately, there are multiple people and organizations available to help you as you start your business. These organizations offer resources and tools that help create a seamless process for new businesses.


As you work on getting your business started or evolving what you already have, be prepared to seek outside help. With all the available resources, you don’t have to go it alone.


Here are some great starting points and places you’ll want to turn to when you need help with your budding business:


San Juan College Quality Center for Business


The San Juan College Quality Center for Business is in Farmington. As an organization, the San Juan College Quality Center for Business was created to help launch new businesses and expand existing ones. Serving the Farmington community, the center is focused on economic development and business innovation.


There are many resources provided to outdoor businesses through the center that can help them get started, including:

San Juan College has a wealth of resources to help business owners develop their creativity and think outside the box as they prepare to launch their business. They can provide you with business planning services and workforce training assistance as well as much more.


Business owners can use their imagination in a deep, intentional way through the college’s Big Idea Makerspace. They’ll help design and develop your projects as well as assist you in learning to work cohesively with others.

ORII Action Team


The Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative, also known as ORII, began in Farmington to aid outdoor business startups and help inspire others to discover why Farmington is the perfect future home of their outdoor business. The ORII’s mission is to be a driving force in Farmington’s community and the development of its economy by helping the city build its outdoor offerings with new experiences and businesses.


ORII’s Action Team is made up of representatives from the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau, San Juan College, and the Four Corners Economic Development. It was created to assist with the many needs of Farmington’s outdoor businesses and other organizations. Through regular meetings, the ORII team brainstorms possible resources and ways to help outdoor businesses. As you prepare your business for launch, check out the available resources from the ORII Action Team.

Small Business Association (SBA) Loans

All businesses need funds in order to get started, and it is common for business owners to take out a loan to get that funding. Obtaining a business loan can seem difficult and overwhelming to people, especially those that don’t have a clue where to turn.


The SBA provides government funded loans for qualified people looking to start a business. You can apply online for an SBA loan, as well as check your eligibility for funding programs. Before you apply online, check the list on the SBA website to find out what you’re going to need.


When starting a business in Farmington, head to this list of approved SBA lenders in the Four Corners region to begin the process of obtaining an SBA loan.


The Final Word

Farmington is an incredible community with a passion for outdoor recreation, small businesses, and economic growth. The community spirit of the town radiates and creates a welcoming feel that every new business will appreciate.


As you plan the launch of your outdoor company, consider Farmington to be the ideal community for your start-up. We understand the journey required to bring a new outdoor recreation product or service to market. The ORII team will be there for you, making it as easy as possible to get your business off the ground. Use these resources in order to put a support system in place that will assist your entrepreneurial efforts every step of the way.