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Business Continuity Grant

  1. Farmington Small Business Continuity Grant

  2. *Please note, distribution of funds is contingent upon an executed grant agreement between the State and the City of Farmington. Additional information may be requested of applicants.

  3. Please type the legally registered name of your corporation/business.

  4. Name of CEO, President, Owner, or Authorized Representative.

    Only the registered owner, CEO, President or other authorized representative of the business may apply for this grant.

  5. You must be a registered business in the City of Farmington. If not required to register due to non-profit status, provide another identifying number (EIN).

  6. Click below to search for your business. A printout of your listing with "Good Standing" under "Entity Details" is sufficient.

  7. Physical Address

    Primary physical address of business operation.

  8. Is your business headquartered in New Mexico?*

    *Please include address of headquarters if different from physical address.

  9. Define Business Corporate Filling:*

  10. Headcount and total hours of all employees as of March 1, 2020 (excluding owners):

  11. *Total hours worked by all non-owner staff in the MONTH period prior to March 1 (February 1st-29th).

  12. Headcount and total hours of all non-owner employees as of application submittal:

  13. *Total hours worked by all non-owner staff in the MONTH period prior to application date (August 1st-31st).

  14. How many employees and what total payroll did you report to the state for unemployment insurance taxes for the 4th quarter 2019?

    If you don't have employees, please enter "N/A".

  15. If you don't have employees, please submit a word file explaining the situation.

  16. If you pay withholding tax, have you delayed or plan to delay payment?:*

  17. Please list your monthly 2019 Revenues/Gross receipts through August.

  18. Please list your monthly 2020 Revenues/Gross receipts through August.

  19. Was your business included in the New Mexico orders to shut down or were you required to severely curtail business operations?:*

  20. If you curtailed rather than closed your business, please describe the nature of the curtailment:

  21. By clicking "I agree" and submitting this form electronically, I swear under penalty of perjury, that to the best of my knowledge the information stated above is true, complete, and accurate.

  22. Furthermore, the Applicant understands that this SBCG application is subject to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, however, the City of Farmington will not disclose privileged information as defined in Section 14-2-6(E) of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

  23. Click if you agree. If you disagree, we are unable to process your form at this time.*

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