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Nature's Playground.

Farmington area, situated in picturesque northwest New Mexico, is a place where outdoor lovers and active families thrive. Many scenic natural wonders and unique outdoor adventure destinations await discovery. Kids Boating

Located near the famed Four Corners, this region is ideal for year-round outdoor activities due to our clear, sunny skies with moderate temperatures and precipitation. Offering three rivers, innumerable trails, diverse landscapes and neighboring 14ers, our region is truly nature’s playground. 

Nature's Proving Ground.

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has has identified the top categories that make up the outdoor reMountain Bikerscreation economy. These activities include camping, fishing, hunting, motorcycling, off-roading, snow sport, trail sports, water sports, wheel sports, and wildlife viewing. The Farmington area is proud to boast that we offer all these experiences, in abundance, making our region the perfect place to design, build, and test all types of outdoor recreation gear. We truly are nature’s proving ground.

Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII)

To embrace this adventure-seeking mindset, the region has launched the Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII) to build a flourishing outdoor recreation economy to complement our existing energy industry. ORII partners include the City of Farmington, San Juan County, Four CornerORIILogovideos Economic Development, Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau, San Juan College, other local communities, existing outdoor recreation businesses, the extractives industry, and the BLM.

The ORII goals are to enhance outdoor experiences and offerings, and to provide an extensive support system that guides, outfitters, and gear manufacturers can utilize to make their businesses more successful

ORII Benefits to Outdoor Recreation Businesses

  • A community united to support the outdoor recreation industry
  • Continuously expanding outdoor recreation infrastructure
  • Inventory of affordable and available commercial space
  • Business incubation for outdoor recreation businesses
  • Readily available business support services
  • Qualified, skilled work force

Outdoor Recreation Fun Facts

The outdoor recreation economy is strong and growing. It is the fourth largest US economic sector following Hospital Care, Outpatient Care, and Financial Services/Insurance. Outdoor recreation provides more jobs than any other industry in the USA. The Outdoor Recreation industry impacts the US and New Mexico economies through job creation and revenue as follows:

United States Hikers at Arch

  • $887 billion annual consumer spending 
  • $7.6 million direct jobs 
  • $65 billion in Federal Tax Revenue
  • $59 Billion in State and local tax revenue 

New Mexico 

  • $9.9 billion annual consumer spending 
  • $99,000 direct jobs 
  • $2.8 billion in wages and jobs 
  • $623 million in State and local tax revenue

The Farmington area wants to share our playground with YOU!

To learn more about the Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative (ORII) and how we can support the development of your outdoor recreation company, please contact us today!