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1. What drought stage are we currently in?
2. How do I report water waste?
3. Do watering restrictions, violation fees, and water surcharges apply to people who are on irrigation or well water?
4. Who can report watering that occurs on incorrect days?
5. Does the stage 2 watering schedule apply to car washes?
6. Does the stage 2 watering schedule apply to my garden?
7. How did the City calculate the 6,000 gallon/household?
8. Who imposes the fees in stage 2 for non-compliance of watering schedule restrictions?
9. What are the fees for non-compliance of the watering schedule?
10. What are the water surcharges?
11. Why are there no restrictions on the athletic fields?
12. Are the violation fees and water surcharges just the City's way of funding other projects?
13. Do the Stage 2 and Stage 3 drought restrictions apply to all City employees?